• Pneumatic Introduction

    Pneumatic transmission and control technology, referred to as pneumatic, is the compressed air as the working medium to carry out energy and signal transmission, is to achieve a variety of production process, automatic control of a technology.  It is an important part of fluid transmission and co...
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  • The trend of high shipping prices may continue

    Since the second quarter of last year, with the recovery of global trade, international shipping prices continue to climb, constantly refresh the “record.”  In the first half of 2021, shipping prices continued to “rise”, and professional agencies predict that the trend wil...
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  • Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic components

    Advantages of pneumatic components:   1. Pneumatic device is simple in structure, light and easy to install and maintain.  The medium is air, which is not easy to burn compared with the hydraulic medium, so it is safe to use.   2, the working medium is inexhaustible air, air itself does not cost ...
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  • Right way of using Cylinders

    One of the important parts of the pneumatic components is the cylinder. In order to ensure the normal use of the cylinder and avoid unnecessary situations, for the use of the pneumatic components and cylinder, let’s check the right way to use cylinder.   cylinder     When using the cylinder...
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  • Best wishes on Dragon Boat Festival

    Best wishes on Dragon Boat Festival

    Due to the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, to thank all the staff has always made their hard efforts for the development of the company, 12th June afternoon, BLCH prepares   Dragon Boat gifts for employees, makes staff deeply feel the enterprise family’s care and warmth. On the 13:30 after...
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  • The introduction of air source treatment components

    Air source treatment is the component working by using  the pressure of the gas or the expansion of the force.  It Includs air filter, pressure regulating valve, oil lubricator, etc.  Pneumatic products are widely used in metallurgical mechanical and electrical, construction, transportation equip...
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  • Description of filter working principle

    Description of filter working principle: The compressed air from the inlet is strongly rotated through the tangential gap of the guide plate. The liquid oil, water and solid pollutants are thrown to the inner wall of the cup by centrifugal force, then flow to the bottom. The compressed air has re...
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    Dear friends  and  customers : we come back to work from holiday.  We thank everyone for your support and trust in the past years.  I hope that in the new year, BLCH will continue to receive everyone's attention and support, and we , as always , provide better service t...
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  • Happy Chinese New year

    Happy Chinese New year

      Dear all friends and customer, Happy Chinese New Year We BLCH pneumatic Team wish you lucky in the year of OX safety & peace all the year round Good health &Vitality Flourishing wealth & fortune we will come back from holiday after 20th Feb.  Thanks f...
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  • Congratulation!


    CONGLATULATION! The “Internal Pilot Guide of the Precision Pressure Reducing Valve” standard  which was lead drafted by our company has been approved by the Zhejiang Product Quality Association as the “Quality Criterion” for  the zhejiang manufacturing  groups’ stand...
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  • How does a Solenoid valve work?

    What is a solenoid? Solenoid is the generic term for a coil of wire used as an electromagnet. It also refers to any device that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy using a solenoid. The device creates a magnetic field from electric current and uses the magnetic field to create linea...
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  • 2020, we pass together

    2020, we pass together

    Time is flying, in an instant, half a year of 2020 has passed. Enterprises and employees even all of the world have undergone a new test in the past six months due to the COVID-19. In the beginning of 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, the company’s commencement d...
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